Granite Countertop Experts was established July 1, 2005 with the intent to give customers the best experience possible when purchasing natural stone for home renovation projects, providing exceptional-quality craftsmanship, a quick turn-around time and a stress-free environment for a fair price.

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Our Customers

Over the years we have learned much about our customers. We know that you have a unique style that defines how you approach the design and execution of your project. You expect enduring quality in all things possible and expect to do business with like-minded honest professionals. You appreciate that the work is performed with skill and expect the job to be completed on time and to your exact specifications.

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Our Promise

We care about our employees and customers alike….they are our greatest assets. We combine genuine respect for one another with authentic customer service. When we agree to take on your project our team makes you three powerful promises:

  1. We will be proactive, maintaining a stress-free environment by identifying and resolving issues before they become a problem.
  2. We will be dependable, keeping our word and delivering on our promises every step of the way.
  3. We will be accountable, assume responsibility for our actions, complete your project with meticulous attention to detail, and oppose all temptation to take short cuts or cut corners.
  4. We hope you feel the same way as we do. We would love to work with you in the future!